I was reading some hate about the "Little Rooster," an alarm clock for women that you wear in your underwear at night and wakes you up by vibrating at increased intensities (um...the site used the phrase "Snorgasm's.")


This made me think of the"Freestyle" vibrator I saw at Babeland awhile ago that plugs into your Ipod and syncs up vibrations with the music that you play. I wonder if you get to listen to music that you actually like for it to work, right? What if you only like singer/ songwriters...would you still be able to get off to the BPM of like, Cat Power? Or what if you have to change it up and listen to techno or speed metal to get the job done? Babeland also interviewed a few dj's to see what they would put on their playlist. I tried to ask M.L. Birdsall from Don't Stop Believin' Records what she would play but she dismissed it, saying she thinks that actually jerking off to this would be "annoying and impossible." Has anyone tried this thing? What do you play for the best results?