I have to say this: I don't read rap magazines anymore. Every time I've tried to for the last, oh, 3 years, I just find myself stunned at how stupid everything is, and end up feeling old as the hills and light years out of touch. Even/especially XXL, which I used to enjoy quite a bit, as it used to always seem smart.

I think i started hating XXL around the time they started doing their yearly Top 10 Freshmen cover, which has launched into orbit such legendary careers as Papoose, Ace Hood, Donnis, and Lil Twist. HOWEVER: my guy Macklemore is up for this cover in 2012 (a prediction I and a few others made this year), and I am very proud of him. I put my distaste aside and voted for Mack to represent himself and our region on the cover of rap's biggest magazine next year, and if you feel the same way, you should, too. Or you can just vote for V-Nasty, like I know you want to. Either way, voting is dunski as of January 1st.

But I still think ol' boy was right.