A lot of people are about to fly home for Christmas in the next few days, and some of you are probably gonna be flying out on Southwest Air because it's so cheap.... it's like the bargain bin of the skies! Unfortunately they appear to have developed a questionable policy of removing people from their flights before takeoff....Here are a few super sketchy things to avoid if you wanna stay on that flight home:

Clyde Peterson and Karl Blau: Terrorists of Stink
  • Karl Blau and Clyde Peterson: Terrorists of Stink

1.) Being Gay: "Uh Huh Her" Frontwoman/ L Word star Leisha Hailey got escorted off her flight in Texas last September for kissing her girlfriend. Hailey stated that it was a modest kiss, but when the flight attendant told her that other passenger's had complained and that they were disturbing the family friendly environment, an argument escalated until the couple was removed.

2.) Being Fat: Actor Kevin Smith was removed from an Oakland flight last year for infringing on portion of another seat. Smith promptly went crazy on SW via his twitter, and the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance called for a Southwest boycott, suggesting that "people of size to seek out and travel airlines that do not have such discriminatory policies."

3.) Having Saggy Pants: Over Labor Day weekend this year, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day was kicked off his SW flight for sagging his pants and refusing to pull them up. He also went crazy on twitter as soon as it happened, stating "Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the fuck? No joke!" (The thing that confuses me the most about this one is, why is Billie Joe taking a SW flight? SW doesn't even have first class and wouldn't even be able to check his giant heavy bags of Green Day money for free.)

4.) Being Smelly: NW favorites Karl Blau and Clyde Peterson were coming back from playing on a Laura Veirs/Yr Heart Breaks tour a few years ago and a passenger complaint about them being smelly got them on the brink of being removed from their flight. Before he was escorted off, a panicked Karl Blau stood up and made an announcement that he was flying home in between tours for his wedding, and pleaded for help from the other passengers. Someone gave him a clean shirt and he was permitted to stay on board and was able to make it to his wedding in time. Later in the flight, it was determined that the entire plane was full of Seattle Sounders players and the smell was not even coming from them.