Seattle via Russia DJ Makedon has a new mix up at The New Worck that's an odd blend of Balkan folk-inflected triphop, wonky, glitched-out funk, and mnml—what he calls "gypsy techno."

Makedon also deserves props for conceiving one of the most clever business cards I've seen from any DJ/musician.

Listen to Lucky Roma here.

Terry Hall & Mushtaq – The Hour Of Two Lights
Tipper – Furlong
Chronomad – Aksak
Thomas Brinkmann – Party Time
Chronomad – Masmoudi
Tipper – End Of Make Believe
Chronomad – Do
Tipper – Tug Of War
Mr. Oizo – Analog Worms Attack
Beats Antique – Borino
Mr. Oizo – Monophonic Shit
Tipper – Tip Hop
Mr. Oizo – Flat 55
Balkan Beat Box Vs Mahal Rai Banda – Red Bula
Thomas Brinkmann – Let’s Go
Shantel – Citizen Of Planet Paprika
Mr. Oizo – Z
Shantel – Binaz In Dub
Stewart Walker – Fernbank 1991
Style Of Eye – The Prophet
Mr. Oizo Feat. Uffie – Steroids
Makedon – Minimal Opa Copla
Konfekt – Jez(Sof)
Zelwer – Soldier Gets Married (Makedon Mashup)
Shantel – Usti,Usti Baba
Shantel – Being Authentic
Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks (Makedon Mashup)
Yuri Gruzhy & Russendisco Vs. Zelwer – New Adventure Of Soldier (Makedon Mashup)
Figli Di Madre Ignota – Nema Problema Tourist
Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestra – Ciganka Medley (Makedon Mashup)
Mahala Rai Banda – Zabrakadabra (Makedon Mashup)
Max Pashm – Klezmernaki