I'm on an airplane right now (That's flying in the sky—this is some crazy shit!) and decided to splurge on inflight WiFi and check out Line Out for the first time during my extended vacation, since I've largely been off the grid.

Plenty of critically lauded indie albums were released in 2011, many of which I never listened to, like Destroyer's Chinatown (why bother when there's an entire discography of Steely Dan and Michael McDonald?) or the new one from Bon Iver (when I moved to Seattle and matriculated at U.W., the only person from my small town who had gone to school there told me to prepare for "incredible excitement and fun, soul-crushing despair, self-loathing, huge amounts of arrogance and ego-inflation, life-doldrums, death-of-self, and a lot of beer." For Emma, Forever Ago soundtracked the first winter of all that, and I'm a little scared to listen to Bon Iver again.

But the one that tops of my list of albums I refuse to listen to, is Leave Home by the Men, and I might skip over their new one in 2012 too. Why? Because they stole their name from my mom's band in the early 90s. Seriously, here's the video to their Polydor single "Church of Logic, Sin & Love." My mom is the blonde-haired lady bassist wearing sunglasses who doesn't smile (and NOT the blonde-haired lady guitarist wearing sunglasses who doesn't smile). Her star turn is at around the minute and a half mark in the video, when she refuses to laugh at the lead singer/songwriter wearing a ridiculous hat in a diner.

So tell me Line Out readers who have now (hopefully) listened to both of the Mens, which one is better? I won't be mad if you choose young Brooklyn upstarts over my mom, and maybe once I'm on the ground, (did I mention that I'm flying in an airplane right now, on the Internet, and drinking scotch? Yes, I've had a few Glenlivets.) I'll check out these dudes who chose the same dumb name as my mom's old band.