Earlier this week I asked you which songs you listened to over 100 times in 2011. Then smart lady Julia suggested via Twitter that I make a Spotify playlist of all the songs. Good idea, Julia! So here it is, friends, a playlist comprised of the songs you and your Line Out-reading peers listened to over and over and over again in the year 2011. It's over two hours long and, for those of you who listed more than a song or two, I just added the first couple of suggestions, so please don't feel bad if all of your favorites didn't make it.

Listen to it here!

Also, while Spotify has a lot of music, I couldn't find some of the tunes so here are links to them via bandcamp and YouTube and such, should you want to supplement the playlist:

"Somebody I Used to Know," by Gotye
"No Hands" by Wakka Flocka Flame
"You Let Me Down" by Joel Plaskett
"Ungirthed" by Purity Ring
"Our Last Shot" by Groenland
"Breath Clad in Happiness" by Envy
"Huzzah!" and "The Last Huzzah!" by Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire
"Numbnuts" by Nacho Picasso