NME Seeks Reviews Editor


"________ is FUCKING BRILLIANT! THEY ARE THE BOLLOCKS! Best band of the last 30 years and best album of 2012!!! AMERICA! YOU'RE NEXT!"

*wait five minutes*

"________ ARE A BUNCH OF WANKERS! THEY ARE BOLLOCKS! Shite-est band of the last 30 years and worst album of 2012!!! Should be a hit in America."

Bam. Job done.
Also polish your résumé, dudes and dudeettes: The Stranger, "Seattle's Only Newspaper,"™ is looking for a reviews editor. Qualified candidates must be able to discern the proper Pitchfork-star haircuts and facial structures of up-and-coming bands and discuss with breathless excitement and/or smug candor music that sounds a helluva lot like Modest Mouse and Fleet Foxes (and Death Cab For Cutie and Joanna Newsom and Sleater-Kinney and Mudhoney). You need to send your CV and cover letter to recruitment@thestranger.com by Jan. 16. Yeah, you'd have to move to that lousy backwater village Capitol Hill, but surely the perks are worth the hassle. Yo, man, read more about the job opening on your latest Apple product here.