Over 12 days I'm highlighting 12 local bands I like a whole lot and I hope will do great things in 2012. In no particular order, really. And just because. Here's #6!

It appears that 2012 is the year Sandrider finally becomes a real band, as opposed to a killer side-project that would constantly be taking a backseat to the band member's other, more prominent projects. The band features Jon "Eggnog" Weisnewski and Nat Damm of Akimbo and Jesse Roberts of the Ruby Doe and even though their self-titled full length (seven songs/~40 minutes) was officially released last month (read Brian Cook's great review here), it was actually recorded back in 2009. 2009! See what I mean about being a backseat band?

As much as I like having Akimbo and the Ruby Doe around, I'm really stoked about the possibility of seeing more of Sandrider this year. Usually stoner rock is something I can only listen to during the long winter nights when I'm in a pissy mood or on a cleaning tear. But Sandrider is much more approachable—they're hard, but they have some really pretty guitar work, too, which makes it feel less aggressive than some of their darker, stoner rock peers. It's like if Helms Alee and Juno (during their three-guitar assault moments) had a bad ass little baby who grew up listening to Sabbath. Or something. You can stream their new album at sandrider.bandcamp.com and it's also available on 180 gram vinyl at goodtodierecords.com. See 'em live this week, too—their album release show is this Thursday at the Comet with Lesbian and Brokaw.

Bonus: The song "The Corpse" starts with the line "Breaking bread with the dragon." I want that to be the title of my autobiography.

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