Friends Don't Let Friends Take A Limo Home


I once caught a limo from Pioneer Square to Belltown (my friends and I were drunk and thought it'd be rad). Fare was about $8, where a cab would have run probably $4. It was worth it for the bulletpoint in the story of a really crazy night.

The time it wasn't worth it: Right before Christmas, I was stumbling out of The Showbox trying to hail a cab, when a towncar pulls up. I tell him I'm headed to Capitol Hill and he says "hop in!" We get to my place and he says the fare is $12 (usually runs about $8-9, so I'm ok with it). I hand him my credit card and he almost immediately manages to "misplace" it. He fumbles around in the car for a good 5 minutes before I say "I don't wanna be a dick, but if you can't find the card in the next 10 seconds, I'm calling the cops." Naturally, he finds it immediately. The credit card slip I signed also wasn't much of a credit card slip. The whole thing felt really fishy, so I cancelled the card the second I got home. With it being a holiday weekend, I ended up not having a credit card for almost 2 weeks. Lame.

But to answer your question, $25 was entirely too much for you to pay.
always got to ask upfront "how much" !! and don't tip that fucker 20% ! you weren't stupid, stupid is driving. you were awesome & smart (and nice) cuz yer Kelly O :) xoxo
i just walk up denny to my place at 16th and harrison, because i'm not lazy. if i were lazy though, i'd call crown black probably.
I don't know how you could expect a limo ride to be less than $25. Next time take Uber or Black Crown, usually just $5 more than a taxi and a way nicer ride.
I didn't have Black Crown's number in my phone, but I do now!

@3 - I'd usually walk to, but Hester had a bum foot!

@2 - Tommy Spokane, haven't I seen you somewhere? Did you submit a film to HUMP?