This is a sad and more-common-than-you’d-think 21st-century music-biz problem: untagged MP3s. My work computer iTunes is lousy with unmarked or partially ID'd tracks, tracks that I’ll probably never be able to source correctly, and therefore will never write about. *tear*

I don’t know about the technicalities that go into tagging MP3s, but it can’t be that difficult in 2012, as most people have mastered this arcane science. But too many have not.

A recent case in point? I received a download file consisting of five tracks called “Feel Free,” each of which was appended with “section I,” “section II,” etc. Googling failed to turn up anything useful toward identifying the creators. Plugging "Feel Free" into YouTube’s search engine resulted in nothing helpful. A question on Twitter also spurred no response. So now I’m turning to the learned masses of Line Out to see if anyone has a clue as to who are the auteurs of this five-part, 38-minute suite of “Feel Free”s.

The tracks are stately, impressionistic, and beatless. What sound like violins/violas and cello drone and moan with tasteful restraint and momentousness while gently plucked tabletop guitar and/or a harp provide pinprick counterpoint. Their mobile-like patterns vaguely recall Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon. At some point, a dulcimer enters into the mix. Things sort of intensify in sections IV and V. "Feel Free" kind of reminds me of some of Eyvind Kang’s work, too, but I don’t think it’s his. He and his labels wouldn’t not tag their MP3s.

So, that’s all I got. Anybody know who the hell made this music? It’s sublime, and I won’t sleep well till the mystery’s solved. Thanks.

UPDATE: Line Out reader and esteemed producer Crazy Old Bat saved the day/month/year with this link to an excerpt of "Feel Free" by New Orleans musician Duane Pitre. Looks like an alternate take, but you'll get the gist. ¡Hallelujah!