Because I have a soft spot for quixotic endeavors—i.e., trying to convince 21st-century music fans that a lot of amazing prog-rock exists, for one—I present to you a mix of said music by ex-Pitchfork writer/current excellent multi-instrumentalist/composer Dominique Leone. This mix surfaced in late 2009, but it will always stand outside of time, in my mind. Leone’s idea of prog is refreshingly diverse enough to encompass tracks by Squarepusher, David Bowie, This Heat, Cardiacs, Zs, and Franco Leprino, while satisfying traditionalists with cuts by Yes, King Crimson, and Magma. Dig in and feel your musical IQ skyrocket.

(While you're in a Dominique Leone mood, check out his new collection of instrumentals.)

Matching Mole - Starting in the Middle of the Day...
Magma - Hhai (version integrale)
Jean-Philippe Goude & Olivier Cole - Ergo Sum Pauper
Benoit Wideman - Baleze
Franco Battiato - No U Turn
Oh No Ono - Internet Warrior
This Heat - 24 Track Loop
Cardiacs - Spell With A Shell
Happy Family - Rolling Law Court
David Bowie - Weeping Wall
Franco Leprino - Integrati...Disintegrati
Richard Pinhas - L'Ethique, pt. 1
Video Aventures - Tina
Volapuk - Impro Cloche
Weidorje - Vilna
Yes - South Side of the Sky
Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - Un Regard Claire
Squarepusher - A Real Woman
Zs - B Is for Burning
Albert Marcoeur - Non Long
Cos - Viva Boma
Offering - Cosmos
King Crimson - Fracture