• Lefse

His full-length debut* doesn’t release until May, but Vancouver producer Teen Daze (a gent named Jamison) has just released the first single from All of Us, Together. Line Out regulars may recall that Jason Baxter wrote about him often.

Since he calls it "Brooklyn Sunburn," expect lazy bloggers (or those who fail to read their press releases) to describe TD as "a New York artist" any day now.

* Not counting My Bedroom Floor, a digital collection of odds and sods.

I’m not getting much of a Brooklyn vibe from the breezy electronic track, but I like it. Though it lacks a lead vocal, the plush keyboards and breathy sighs in the background lend it an M83 feel. But not all Teen Daze tracks are instrumental. Jamison sings, for instance, on "Surface" from the Silent Planet EP. Like the backing vocals above, though, he submerges his whispered words into the mix.

Lefse (Ganglians, Youth Lagoon) releases All of Us, Together on May 22, 2012.