• Roger Ballen
Tonight, Die Antwoord bring their zef coated hip hop fisting to Showbox Market. In celebration of "Die (pronounced Dee) Day," here is part of the interview with Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er that didn’t make it into this week's article. We were doing word play. I said a word, and they said the first thing that came to mind:


Yo-Landi: You spin it and it floats on your finger. They put ‘em in fucking Smart Cars.

Ninja: What the doctor gets sneaky up your ass with to look around.

Hieronymus Bosch.

Ninja: Anonymous. We’re all anonymous.

Yo-Landi: Hashish. Gardens.


Ninja: Getting stoned and making rope.

Yo-Landi: That lady with the magazines, Martha Stewart. Either her or hunting with rifles.

Spider Man.

Yo-Landi: Spider Woman.

Ninja: Getting stoned and making rope.


Yo-Landi: That other fucking American lady with the magazines – Oprah. She has sex with Martha Stewart and puts syrup on her.

Ninja: What I put on my nuts to stop them from itching. And speed boats.


Ninja: Your mother.

Yo-Landi: A robot of your mother. [Laughs]


Yo-Landi: Dirty funk music. That real good 70’s shit.

Ninja: Google. That wheat grass shit. Google is a waterslide that goes backwards to God, motherfucker. And then you get to God and it’s Tupac.

Ninja and Yo-Landi strongly suggested viewing this video from Duck Sauce: