I've confessed (a couple times, actually) that I'm slightly obsessed with the song "Master of Art" by Laura Stevenson and the Cans. Well the band is currently on the road, making their way to Seattle for TWO shows this Saturday (all ages at Porchlight and 21+ at the Highline), so I took the opportunity to tell Stevenson my, uh, issue, and crossed my fingers that she didn't move to get a restraining order against me.

The song "Master of Art" is the song I listened to the most in 2011. Apparently I listened to it over 300 times. I hope you don't find that to be creepy.

Not at all! I find that to be super awesome. I hope you didn't get too sick of it towards the end.

Have you ever gotten obsessed with a song like that?

I definitely have. Now that I'm usually listening to music in the van and there are other people sitting with me, i can't do the constant re-playing of a song or else I will drive my band nuts, but I have been sneaking off to listen to that Bon Iver single over and over again on this tour. It calms me down. It's also really good to listen to after a run.

Speaking of... I love that Laura Stevenson & the Cans has a deep-rooted history in the punk rock community, yet the songs are gorgeous folk and pop songs. With your history in Bomb the Music Industry, and guys from Latterman in the band, I wonder what kind of stuff do you end up listening to in the van?

Let's see, today was an 11 hour drive and we listened to Chris Bell, Bright Eyes, Magnolia Electric Company, Elvis, Cheap Girls, Lana Del Rey, and a bunch of podcasts. We usually listen to Henry Rollins' Get in the Van on every tour so that'll happen within the next couple of weeks.