Sometimes the Internet fails to let a person know about everything, most likely because we expect it to always do so. I somehow missed all notices of Jesse Lortz's art opening last Thursday at Cairo, to my dismay. As the evening carried on, I bumped into more and more people who had gone and each had glowing reviews of what they'd seen.


Jesse is the driving force behind Case Studies, a revolving personnel music project with consistently brilliant haunting organic sounds. His art work reflects the same feelings and ideas behind Case Studies, intricate black line drawings with multi-water colors often depicting nature or fantastical scenes. Less like Joanna Newsom as fine art, more like Bobby Beausoleil as fine art.


From what I understand there are small original pieces, larger hand colored prints and t-shirts. This is Jesse's first solo art show and will be up for the rest of March, I suggest that we both go together.