SXSW Has Begun: How To Be A Functional Bum


Where eagles dare to sleep.
Too sick to dick! I'm stealing this, Travis

Also, I'm sad I'm not there, but this post is making it better. More, please.
i am also entertained by these hijinks.
This, like so much SXSW reporting, makes me sad and happy not to be in Austin, you know? Nicely done.
Please keep this up! And your sick dick too, mighty T.! Also -- back when you could smoke on Greyhound, the back of the bus was a regular if unofficial grass (and booze and hash) bash every single time I rode it, which was frequent in the 80s. I smell skunk here on The Ave and sometimes I swear I can taste diesel too. Anyways, please keep us in your musical social butterfly net!
you live a disgusting lifestyle and should consider growing up
@6 You live a judgmental lifestyle and should consider signing your real name like a mature adult would.