Want to see someone play the guitar? And I mean REALLY play the guitar? Then put Ayron Jones and the Way on your radar. Dude can fucking SHRED. And, according to the band's website, he's only 25-years-old and self-taught.

I caught Ayron Jones and the Way's set at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday—they were performing in the Hard Rock Rising finals and I was an unsuspecting judge—and their set was one of the most entertaining performances I've seen so far this year.

They play hard, soulful blues. Think Hendrix or a heavier Stevie Ray Vaughn. Jones plays on a wireless amp, and at one point he leapt off he stage, went to the back of the room, down the stairs to Hard Rock's main dining area, playing all the while. Minutes later he came up the staircase on the other side of the room, laughing to himself from the stage while everyone in the audience was still facing the other way wondering where the fuck he went.

Sometimes he played one-handed. Sometimes he reached up, mid-guitar solo, and fixed the bill of his cap. Sometimes he played while holding the guitar behind his head. He's a total showboat, but, like... c'mon. When you're that good at guitar you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Seattle is loving blues and soul again—take Allen Stone's popularity, for example—but Seattle's blues/soul revival don't mean shit without a little love for Ayron Jones and the Way, too. Ayron Jones and the Way play the High Dive Sunday, April 1st. The show is free.

And here's the band in action: