Editor's note: Anna Minard, the latest addition to The Stranger's editorial gaggle, has never heard any music aside from Richard Marx and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Thus, every Wednesday, we present Never Heard of 'Em, in which we force her to listen to and write her impressions about random records by artists considered to be important by music nerds.

Princess Superstar
(Rapster Records)

(This lateness is becoming a problem. Sorry.)

This week, Stranger books editor Paul Constant wanted to pick the album, and bless his heart, he tried to give me something I'd actually like. (Paul, you and Grant should have a chat about how this usually works. When Grant hands me a new album, he can't stop laughing. You, on the other hand, went full former bookseller, all, "Based on things I know you like, I thoughtfully recommend Princess Superstar.")

The reason Paul thought I'd like this is because I adore Katie Kate, and I tend to love female rappers in general. My playlist right now is just Azealia Banks on repeat, and Salt-N-Pepa can bring me out of any shitty mood almost instantaneously. (Um, I just named three musical acts in one paragraph. This is likely the only time I'm going to be able to do that, so enjoy it.)

So how'd the experiment go? Pretty decently. I like rap because I'm a grammar and language nerd, and there's plenty of ridiculous and dirty rhymes and wordplay here. Her word choice—"dichotomy," "je ne sais quoi"—makes me smile. There is a song with Napster in the title—ha! Good joke: "Dead wrong/Like a Dead sticker on a bong." A million points for the baked goods reference "iced out like Entenmann's."

Overall, I like a lot of those small moments on this album, but I don't always love her delivery. The way rappers try too hard to sound cocky backfires for me a lot. (I wish I could find nerdier rappers. For now I just have to watch YouTube videos teachers make to get kids into math.) I do love when she gets silly, like on track 6, "Trouble," when she does a bunch of goofy voices.

I also have to say: I do not approve of track 2, "Bad Babysitter." As someone who still has almost an entire shelf of old Baby-sitters Club books, I am offended by these lyrics. (Although the chorus, "I'm a bad babysitter/Got my boyfriend in your shower/Whoo/I'm makin' six bucks an hour," is pretty funny, we all know from #79: Mary Anne Breaks the Rules that "boyfriends and babysitting don't mix!" Didn't this lady even read BSC?)

Rating: 7 out of 10. Just kidding! I meant "Fun but it's hard to stop myself from trying to diagram the sentences" out of 10.

Listen to "Keith n Me" after the cut.