Monkees Fans Have No Sense of Humor


Simpering little feral prepubescent hipster fuck. Sell all their non-essentials and make them listen to nothing but white noise for the rest of their teenage years.
I'm just surprised a 13 year old can write that well. 60 year old internet commenters have less understanding of grammar, punctuation, and language than this lad.
Someone forgot to take his Ritalin.
Old enough to write this, but not old enough to understand why it isn't awesome.

Someone should make sure to keep track of this kid's contact into. The best revenge for this kind of shenanigans would be to forward this back to him in ten years when he knows enough to be utterly mortified that he wrote it.
Maybe this was an email threat that TRAVELED THROUGH TIME!!!

I'm guessing it was written in 1969.
Well, think about it.

If they love the Monkees, they are probably in the 40-70 age range, and lost all their retirement funds.

Which makes them angry.
not to mention that you have to drive to his house to be tortured and killed. rawr!
"put your teeth on a curve"

Does he think Adrian Ryan has a rectilinear jaw?
This was not written by a 13-year-old!
Did he leave an address or directions for driving to his house? I would love for someone to show up on his doorstep and show his parents this email.

Just another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I found this half adorable (ages 10-13 being the only time in ones life when it's not entirely despicable to threaten to torture and kill somebody over the internet) up through the 'RETARDED FAGGOT' bit. Buddy, I understand that you chose those words in order to show that you're tough and Ain't Give a Shit, but really, it just makes you look like a sad jerk.
No way this was written by a 13 y.o. However, on the off chance that it was, I just have one thing to say to him (or her): It gets better.
I vote for forwarding it to his parents... or perhaps publishing it with his real name and contact information as soon as he turns 18... and just as he's applying to colleges.
You should go to his house.
This kid should write movie scripts for Quentin Tarantino.
You should hire this kid in a few years, if he/she manages to not shoot up a school in the meantime.
I love how the graphically weird violence is sandwiched between the sweet: "Hey!" and "Alright thanks, bye"

It's like a locoreo that has a crunchy sweet outside and creamy torture center.

*Creamy Torture Center would be a great band name.
@10, nope. And the email address he used is probably fake, so no way of finding out who he is.
This is obviously an adult, prolly from the Stranger staff, that is masquerading as a teen. But, I have read some of the drama on Monkees fansite and am laughing my ass of!
Why is Adrian Ryan not in print? If this is the reaction he gets from such a small write up, then why isn't he being used?

While it's not even remotely appropriate to threaten bodily harm or use slurs at someone over something they wrote, but maybe next time you could find a little more class and try not writing an article with the sole purpose of making fun on of the recently dead. Monkee's fan's have been taking shit for years in stride, but making fun of the recently passed before their family, much less their fans, has even stopped mourning their passing is just slimy behavior.
It appears as though NO ONE, on either side of this whole debacle, has much of a sense of humour. Both sides are at each others' throats. And, The Stranger seems to want to further provoke the fans in instigating a new column about doing just that. Jeez-Louise, why continue to rile and inflame just for the sheer Hell of it? Seems to me to be a bit on the childish side.

I'm a loooongtime Monkees fan, out and proud.
I understand the fans' devotion and (for the most part) how they think, even if I find many people's devotion to the band, and its former members, to be a tad on the OBSESSED side. This said, I thought Mr. Ryan was overly insensitive in writing what he did, and to slight David Jones' death in the manner that he did, was simply "too soon" and too caustic an approach in both tone and content.

The Monkees still are quite derided, scorned, and made fun of here in Hipper-than-Thou Seattle, despite the fact that none other than the late Kurt Cobain gave the band his whole-hearted approbation! Cobain was a huuuuge fan of The Monkees, as any NIRVANA fan knows all too well. The derisive opinions amuse me. But, people have the right to express themselves and must be allowed to do just that. Folks appear to be most infuriated that The Monkees wasn't a true rock and roll group, when it was never meant to be one, and only became a band because the show and the songs that played over what were then called "the romps" (now called music videos) became so astronomically popular, to the degree that the fans and the Powers-that-Were, started demanding that the members learn to play their instruments and then TOUR. And, they did so albeit to a bar-band level of amateur proficiency, but still they became Vulcans, if you will.

In reiteration: The Monkees never came up through the ropes, authentically or in the convention manner because doing so / aka, paying one's dues was never asked of the quartet!! The four members of the band were actors hired to play musicians, (just like Leonard Nimoy was an actor hired to play a Vulcan on the show Star Trek) and as such were screen-tested and auditioned like anyone else did up for a TV pilot or show, in that day! Then, because they were hired to play musicians and the songs that appeared on the shows SELLED and were popular, the fans and others (namely the Powers-that-Were) began demanding that the guys rehearse and learn how to play their instruments. THAT is all that the show's creators, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, INITIALLY wanted and expected of the four guys -- that they be telegenic, aka reasonably good looking, relatively able to act and be camera-poised, as well as able to learn new skills should skills be demanded of them.

Cripes, I don't know. I think that this whole thing never would have B-L-OOOOOOOOOOOOO-W-N up in the manner that it did if Mr. Ryan hadn't written like such a "Queen on the Rag" and an embittered one at that. How many bands was he in which failed to succeed and miserably at that, one has to ask? How about expressing one's hatred a bit differently and not so caustically, huh? There is a way to finesse doing just that and to do so artfully, & wittily yet not so vitriolically!

Monkees fans are a senstive lot, by and large, and they react when their faves are bashed, period. Many of them will fight to the death to defend The Monkees, its members, its legacy and etc. I accept that this group will always be vilified which amuses me, because the haters appear not to fully understand what The Monkees were, nor how they affected so many people and for such a loooooooooong time. I don't mind what Mr. Ryan wrote nearly to the degree that many people do, obviously (except to call out his snarkiness with some of my own), because I understand people's prejudices and how they become biased. We all have 'em (biases and prejudices) even if it's NOT cool to be so out about that, here!

I think that if Mr. Ryan's not so playful, humourous and innocent diatribe had come along a year or so after Jones' demise, then ... the fans would not have pounced upon him with such FURY, scorn and derision. Hell hath no fury like a Monkees fans scorned, mind you! *laughs good naturedly*. And, I myself have been set upon by some truly psychotic-seeming Monkees fans on the 'net, so ... I know of whatof I speak! I myself am fairly critical of the much more devoted fans of any Celebs feeling as though no one deserves to be so endlessly fawned and fussed over, let along followed from gig to gig 'round the country. I tend to want to idolise my Stars more from afar than being near-and-dear to them, because nothing breeds contempt more quickly than does over-familiarity.
I just have to say that I like a lot of old bands including The Monkees and I'm now 17 but I'm sure that most of us would never say anything like this prepubescent dribble even if something horrible was said about them. This is for those who may, like me, view this page in the future and say that "All of us who love The Monkees", or most of us anyways, are NOT assholes