Eric Ellis, who was the guitarist for Bury Your Dead from 2004-2008, is on trial in Florida for racketeering. All the crimes he's alleged to have a part in happened in 2009-2010, after Ellis had already left the band. Weirdtown.

Says The Florida Times-Union:

Maynard Kenneth Godwin once wore dog tags signifying him as “The Boss” and still has a tattoo of the TV-inspired Jacksonville gang for which he took the title, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Along with selling drugs and stolen merchandise, he assigned positions and duties to members of the Guardians and had dog tags identifying their roles. One of those members, tagged as an associate, sat behind Godwin Thursday as a rare double jury trial got under way in federal court in Jacksonville.

Prosecutors said Godwin, 32, and Eric Steven Ellis, 27, are the last men standing of a group of violent robbers and drug dealers who terrorized residents in home invasions from Ponte Vedra Beach to Beauclerc, robbed banks and beat people. Four of the defendants have already pleaded guilty.