"Sometimes I come off good, sometimes not so good.": There's a new memoir on the way from Cyndi Lauper.

Damon Albarn Tells All: In a new interview with the Guardian, Damon Albarn says that there'll be no more Blur (after their closing Olympics concert) nor Gorillaz, but he's got about 8 million other projects in the works.

Listen to the New Spiritualized: Over at NPR's First Listen you can stream Sweet Heart Sweet Light, the new album from Spiritualized.

The Album Keeping Nicki Minaj from Number #1 on the iTunes Music Charts: Is the 81st(!) edition of Now That's What I Call Music.

Trial for Leonard Cohen's Ex-Business Manager: In Los Angeles, a former business manager for Leonard Cohen is on trial for threatening emails/harassment and violating restraining orders against the musician.

Lana Del Rey Love Quadrangle: Instead of harping on her live performances, all that people on the Internet want to do now is speculate about who Lana Del Rey is dating (ranging from Axl Rose to Marilyn Manson to A$AP Rocky).

Yesterday I tried to sit on a roof and drink wine and watch the sunset and probably the only thing perfect about those 35 minutes or so was listening to the Tallest Man on Earth's Wild Hunt album all the way through. And for all that, it's still probably a better story than the time I saw him live at Sasquatch in '10 and fainted.