NIK CHRISTOFFERSON Seattle's top heavy-rock facilitator.
  • NIK CHRISTOFFERSON Seattle’s top heavy-rock facilitator.

"I talk a lot of shit [on the internet]," laughs Nik Christofferson, the 31-year-old founder of Seattle's Good to Die Records. He takes a swig from the pint of beer he's been nursing for the last 20 minutes and flashes a telling grin. "I've gotten in trouble so many times. I've probably alienated every other blogger in town."

But it doesn't seem possible when you first meet him. Christofferson is mild mannered—polite, maybe even a little shy—talking quietly from behind the brim of his baseball cap. He speaks about how he likes Pearl Jam and baseball (the former earning him a good amount of flak from his friends). He grew up in Everett, didn't start going to shows until he was 18 ("It was a parents thing"), and politely chuckles at jokes. But he's the first to admit that he can be especially tenacious when it comes to working for and defending the bands on his record label.

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