TacocaT Bass Player and Stranger Writer Bree McKenna Outs Herself as Dave Mustaine's Biological Daughter*


"Hello Bree, meet the real me."
@1: 10/10
"...the following week I received a check in the mail from the Mustaine Estate. It was a few thousand dollars, a token gift in lieu of eighteen years of unpaid child-support! Totally unexpected and absolutely incredible!"

Absolutely incredible, fucking seriously? UGH, I lost a lot of respect for her right there. The man has an estimated net worth of $20 million. If I were his daughter, I'd look into suing him for back child support. He can certainly afford it, she is entitled to it by law even if her mom never wanted it, and it seems like a proud queer feminist wouldn't act so thrilled about getting table scraps from a man who walked away from his parental responsibility and then insulted the woman he'd made no effort to help raise.
too real
I think the real tip off would have been when the author was kicked out of legendary rock band Bikini Kill and went on to form a nearly-as-successful revenge project.
@3 You didn't detect any sarcasm there?
I don't know how hard it was for Bree and her mom without having a dad and co-parenta round, but frankly, I think Bree dodged a serious bullet here. Considering how different they are, it seems like growing up with Mustaine actively involved in her life likely would have been much more difficult and painful, than without. But of course, it's easy for me to say that, not being her.
Fan fic???