While living in Cleveland from 1995-2002, I must have spent, oh, $35,000 at Bent Crayon, one of the country’s most intelligently stocked music emporia. (Hey, I had a lot of DJ gigs and hosted a radio show; cut me some slack.) I frequented Bent Crayon (think of it as Cleveland’s Wall of Sound, but with a greater emphasis on techno) at least once or twice week during those years and found the most amazing shit every time, from all sorts of electronic styles, weird rock, experimental, world, and other genres, aided in large part by owner John Cellura. After he got a handle on my tastes, JC would start building a stack of records he thought I’d dig as soon as he’d see me darken his doorway. Then I’d check ’em out on the store turntable. I typically liked a high percentage of what he selected. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Recently, Little White Earbuds ran a profile/interview of Bent Crayon/Cellura. It’s an inspirational story of one man remaining true to his ideals, keeping his standards extremely high, and surviving in a harsh music-retail climate in a city that’s seen better economic times. Read it here and check out Bent Crayon’s stock here.