Originally submitted months ago, but posted only now because Grant is a stoner.

Maria and Prisilla of the Sweet Pups were nice enough to let Timothy Rysdyke and I take pictures of and talk to us about their practice space in Crybaby, keytars and semi-recently being robbed.

drum loft
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Drum Loft

How long have the Sweet Pups been in this space?
Since we started the band in July. Just two bands share this space.... He wanna redo the whole room because it’s like a gross boy room. We wanna rip down a bunch of the flyers and add a bunch of egg cartons because we are right next to the smoking room so everybody can hear everything we do... Here is a lot of drum kit stuff, that doesn’t belong to anyone, in the loft. We could probably utilize this space better, so it’s stacked far against the wall so the vibrations don't make anything fall onto anyone.

Prisilla and Maria Sweet Pup
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Prisilla and Maria Sweet Pup

What kind of music do you play?
We are a rock n’ roll band. Kind of garagey, kind of surfy—I’d say more surfy than anything. Kind of like a new Go Go’s, a new tougher Go Go’s. Today we had this idea for this song, we don't have practice until late tonight, but we came here to work on it. We usually do late practices because our drummer works at Rendezvous, and we just got together earlier to write this song so we can be more productive tonight. It’s hard to be super productive so late because by then we are all so fried. Its easier to come here earlier in the day and drink a couple beers, before all the other bands come here.

So your band is just guitar, keys, bass and drums?
It's a keytar, actually.

  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Keytar

What are your songs about?
Usually whatever dumb shit we think of. We have a song called “Dont Wear That,” about dressing poorly. We started calling it "Blind Bitch," but we decided it wasn’t PC enough to be on the radio, like "Here’s Sweet Pups with "Blind Bitch," so we changed the name.

When is your next show?
February 23rd at the Comet Tavern with Los Headaches (from Mexico)and the Down Strokes. Then we are going to SXSW this year.

Are you touring down to SXSW?
Well, we were going to, but all our equipment got stolen, so now we can’t afford a van, so we are flying down instead. Someone busted out our window when the snow started and we had left our stuff in the car, two of our guitars and some of our drum stuff. They got away with some really nice gear, vintage Fenders and stuff. And it was my first bass that I’ve had for ten years.

Bummer! Has anyone found anything about it yet?
This one guy called and was like “Just so you know, we didn’t find your gear, BUT we feel really bad about it, and me and my friends are at Mario’s right now and we’d like to buy you all pizza.” And I was like that’s really sweet, but we are all at work right now, maybe we’ll take a raincheck.

Sweet Pups Robbed Flyer that is posted all over Crybaby
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • "We made really sad faces in the flyer because we thought it might help get our stuff back"

Poster Wall
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • "This is the old Greatest Hit's room, so there is nothing that says anything about us on the walls yet."

Sweet Pup Songwriting Journals
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Sweet Pup Songwriting Journals

Pre-practice Rainiers
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Pre-Practice Ranier

Grafiti War Door
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Insert Doors/Greatest Hits joke here

Maria Sweet Pup
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • Maria Sweet Pup's new clear bass to replace the one that was just stolen

Is that trailmix?? Can I have some?-T.R.
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • "Is that trailmix?? Can I have some?"-T.R.

Yah! Its got generic m&ms in it-Sweet Pups
  • Timothy Rysdyke
  • "Yah! It's got generic m&m's in it"-Sweet Pups

If you have an amazing practice space you wanna show us, email spacejamz420@gmail.com