While doing some research to find out when this Violent Femmes show at Gorilla Gardens happened, I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of somebody called KlingKlang13. And oh wow, is it chock full o' Seattle history.

  • Pamela Laner Petersen

I guessed that the Violent Femmes show was from 1985, Kerri Harrop remarked that she remembers Gorilla Gardens was closed by 1985. A lot of reports seem to say that the Circle Jerks played Gorilla Gardens in January of 1986 (after the location had moved to Fremont from the International "China Town" District). Apparently in the middle of the Circle Jerks show, the fuzz appeared and stopped the music. KlingKlang13 has footage of the news story about the riot:

Several police cars were damaged after the punkers threw beer bottles and snowballs. Three kids on a couch are featured in the footage, recalling the skirmish with police. Where is Tim Ebeling today? Ed Mitts? The guy in the middle who doesn't say anything? Ed's mother Judy Foster also has a few things to say about the cops manhandling her kid!


The Circle Jerks were pretty stale in 1986, though there are a few gems on 1985's Wonderful LP. Having a look at the rest of KlingKlang13's videos, I was reminded that I was (as Saint Vitus said) born too late.

The true historical gem of the collection is the homemade commercial for Time Travelers records, comics and skateboard shop on 2nd and Pike:

The 35 second clip shows a ton of comic books, Iron Maiden & Motley Crue t-shirts, tons of skateboard gear (JFA deck! Bones guards in the bag! Rows of Indy trucks!) and Virgin Prunes & Replacements records. All set to synth-tastic herky jerky new wave music.

There also a five minute short about a staged fight in a parking lot, including an alternative guy with spaghetti hair:

Something else called "Seattle dumpster dive and van":

And another one about sneaking in the Pacific Science Center without paying:

God, I love the olden days so much. If you're still reading this, please feel free to recall your memories of olden Seattle. Tell me about restaurants and hair cuts.