• Dog Shredder

Presumably based on how Dog Shredder's Brass Tactics is fucking killing it, they're in need of a transportation upgrade. Who's the winner in this scenario? Them. Who can come in second? You.

This 1994 Dodge Ram 250 Van is a real sweetheart. Her rockstar charm and classic good looks are likely how she got her nickname: Vanna White. She seats 5, and with the capacity of her wide-open rear, she is a perfect local work van or great for a band giggin' on the circuit.

Vanna has aged exceptionally well. She is now past her adolescence and has matured well into her post-teens at 150,000 miles. She may however need a little TLC before her next Big Trip out of state or beyond.

But she runs well and fresh from a regular checkup at the mechanic. These vans were mass manufactured in the early-mid 90s as institutional vehicles and thus have likely had a lifetime of proper maintenance and love, Vanna included.

White exterior, tan interior, sassy and loyal to the core - She's all cleaned up and ready to ride!

Vanna Whites ample rear cavity.
  • Dog Shredder
  • Vanna White's ample rear cavity.