Father John Misty, Har Mar Superstar

(Neumos) If only Father John Misty's music were as wildly ambitious as the lavish CD packaging of their debut album, Fear Fun, is. Sub Pop and FJM—led by Fleet Foxes' former drummer J. Tillman—really went all out with Dimitri Drjuchin's outsider-surrealist artwork, the 17-by-17-inch lyric sheet, which includes an epic proposal for a "hypothetical video game" called Bed Bug Mountain (the font is too tiny and the margins are too wide for me to read it; if you have a free week, have at it). As for the music, Father John Misty hew closely to FF's burnished, earnest folk pop, but feature more hand claps, which are crisply and vigorously delivered. Guaranteed: You will love FJM if you love Fleet Foxes, and vice versa if you hate 'em. Anyone with eyes, however, should cherish the CD packaging, which probably cost more to manufacture than you'll earn this year. DAVE SEGAL

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