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An Agaric is a polka-dotted, red-capped mushroom most closely resembling Toadstool from the Mario Bros. video game. It’s also the performance moniker for Berlin-via-Sweden techno producer Patrik Skoog, who’ll be making his Seattle debut May 18 at Lo-Fi, part of the Drop monthly put on by local party crew Innerflight.

Skoog has been producing teeth-rattling techno for well over a decade, the kind of stuff that strips paint from walls with its pure intensity. Since 2005, however, he’s evolved deeper into his Agaric project, creating mature, cerebral dance music, chock full of energy and emotion, and riding the fine line of techno and house to maximum dance-floor effect. In anticipation of his upcoming performance, I sent a few questions his way to learn more about how he crafts his sound, 20-hour sets with Derek Plaslaiko, and some of the standout gigs and parties of the last year.

How would you describe your sound?

Skoog: Like a house with a classic techno interior? Sorry, that's terrible, though it's early and I didn't have my morning coffee yet ;)

I LOVE that track “No Way I Know I Feel”; such crazy sounds and textures going on in there. What’s your studio setup like and some of the tools you used to make that track?

Nice to hear that! Well, my setup for the album is slightly different to now; I was using mostly software for everything but rhythm add-ons like shakers and percussions were recorded and also vocal bits. I think it makes a big difference to have some slightly "off" percussions. Now I use hardware drum machines for all rhythms though.

Top 3 tracks you’re playing right now?

That's hard, but loving me some older Dutch records, Sterac, for example, and new stuff by Shifted, Arttu, Unbroken Dub, and lots more I can't think of.

We just had Derek Plaslaiko out here recently and he mentioned you guys played alongside each other for a 20+ hour set at Club Der Visionaire in Berlin last year. How was that?

That was outrageous; prior to that I don't think I had played anywhere for longer than 10 hours, haha. That place, if anywhere, keeps it interesting to stick around and do your thing though. Very intimate and hey, they give you the occasional pizza from the upstairs kitchen.

Any standout gigs over the last year?

I had a lot of really nice ones in 2011. Goa Madrid and making a record release live set in Berlin were a couple of the ones that stood out and made the year special.

Name the best set either live or DJ that you saw during the last year.

Oh, that is difficult as well; I would say Genius of Time's premiere live set at Panorama Bar was excellent. Also one standout, where everyone played some awesome music, was at the Jaded afterhours for Drumcode's 15 years thingy in London with all the usual Stockholm suspects.

Any new releases on the horizon?

Yes, right now I got the master sent back for the next "Club Tracks" edition by myself on my label We Are. I'm excited about this 10-inch and it should be out in about a month! Also doing some collaborations that I'm happy about as well, but that's too early to say.

Any thoughts on your upcoming debut gig in Seattle?

I have no idea what to expect really so I'm excited, I have never been around those parts of the states and of course I'll try and deliver my best!

Agaric plays a two hour DJ set, May 18, alongside [a]pendics.shuffle, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Hanssen, J. Alvarez, Crown Hill Repeater, and Innerflight residents. LoFi Performance Gallery 429 Eastlake Ave E, 9pm-3am, 21+, $13.

Full event details here. Look for further coverage on this show in next week's Data Breaker.