May god bless Damon Albarn and Richard Russell for giving The Womack a platform to sing his truth in 2012. I absolutely love this making-of video, and it does my heart glad to see Bobby pick up the guitar again. "I know I ain't the guitar player I used to be, but when I was a guitar player, I was bad. I knew I was, they couldn't keep up with me." Goddamn right.

But, as Guru said, with Bobby, it's mostly the voice: I got hooked on that beautiful, lifeworn voice the second I heard "Across 110th St" on the Jackie Brown soundtrack. Let the record show that he is one of the greatest to ever do it. His new album on XL drops next month, and it will be my first Tuesday afternoon, new music purchases in years. The title track debuted a couple weeks ago. Check it out after the cut.