Victoria Holt has been photo-documenting DIY/alternative cultural spaces in Seattle since around October. I met her at Healthy Times Fun Club during a morning brunch gathering in that time, after returning from an EU tour and finding out that the beloved space was exposed by some douchey bloggers who can't keep their jackass mouths shut. Myself and other greats were excited about this project of hers and informed her of how to go about documenting this without exposing a space, the history of different spaces, roles, etc. This is all part of her finishing her BFA so that she can graduate.

Congratulations Victoria! You finished this!

Some of the photos from her project will appear tonight at Seattle U's undergraduate photography thesis exhibition from 5–8 pm at the Vachon gallery in the Fine Arts building on Seattle U's campus. It runs until June 8th.* You should go see it. I'll be there, so you can shake my hand but I don't know why you'd want to do that.

If you're not involved with the subcultural happenings in our city, and are interested in being visually inspired, I think this is a good way to start. If you are involved, then this is a good time to see what's been happening around you and to feel good about what we're all doing.

Also, you can see what all the other undergraduate photography majors have been up to.

*Viewing time is from Mon–Fri, 9 am–4:30 pm