• Merge Records

I cannot tell a lie: I was a big Redd Kross fan circa 1987's bubbleglamtastic Neurotica, but I gave up on the McDonald brothers after they signed to Atlantic in 1990. Not because they'd gotten into bed with a major label—every alternative act was doing it at the time—but because I couldn't stand the over-produced record that resulted from that ill-fated union (they were dropped shortly thereafter). That said, time has been surprisingly kind to Third Eye. I knew people who liked it then; I know even more who like it now, but it was never for me.

This new Sunset Strip-in-the-'70s single, however, holds promise:

Classic paisley-powered rock (originally on Big Time; reissued by Sympathy).

A friend tells me that 1993's Phaseshifter is also worth a listen, so I'll have to give it a shot. Third Eye bummed me out so much I gave up on the band then and there (funny story: they once took me to task on KCMU, because I compared them to Journey). Merge releases Researching the Blues on August 10, 2012.