Fashion Tunnel #4


What do we learn here? No one is as snarky as Derek.
We've learned that the toughest part of Sasquatch is when your camp-neighbors are terrible douche-bags. Condolences to all.
You say snarky, I say hilarious.
If I've learned anything from my Game Of Thrones obsession of late, it's that soldiers have probably always been horrible people.

And that's a conclusion drawn from a show where historical accuracy has no relevancy.
And that right there is why I will never go to Sasquatch or any other festival.
Yeah...I'm "this guy" ...and I don't know if you had your recorder shoved up your ass when you were interviewing me or if you just make shit up to make this crappy blog sound more interesting...but I haven't the slightest idea where you got the shot of vomit thing from or that we spent 800$ on gas to drive from Arizona...we're from Canada... and we rented that rig for $450 for the weekend. And my friend there in the sasquatch outfit, soon to be wed to a lovely and fully evolved human, has done a lot of horrible things in his time but never to my knowledge has he done what you suggest. The only regurgitation I'm seeing here are your smug observations...get your facts straight. Until then your publication is not a befitting place for my baby blues. Good Day to you Sir.