Unicorns: YES! Pretending You're a Native American Sioux Tribal Chief Drinking Budweiser Beer: NO!


not trolling, but why do people care if other people wear headdresses or not? Do you really think its offensive? Its a festival. some people choose to wear stupid shit.
You are right, but instead of headdresses, they should be dressing as plantation slaves for that full "we tried to destroy your culture but since we couldn't, we are dressing like you for laughs - LOL - white people are cool 4ever" vibe.
Like how her sleeveless-t stays within and tries to complete the look.

I feel like it is OK to wear my tuxedo t-shirt again.
Hey, that's me in the photo, I'm 1/4 Lakota Siiasapa. SO FUCK YOU. Once again the Stranger, acting as the PC police, does something more racist than their imaginary initial complaint.
@5 - yeah, why care, or have a lick of sensitivity about the Lakota Sioux—especially the ones still on reservations like Pine Ridge. DRINK UP!

Alcoholism affects eight out of ten families on the Reservation.

The death rate from alcohol-related problems is 300% higher than the remaining US population.

Life expectancy on the Reservation is 48 years old for men and 52 for women.

Teenage suicide rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 150% higher than the U.S. national average for this age group.

@kelly0..did you really just tell someone who is Native American that they shouldn't be allowed to drink because a large percentage of her people have a drinking problem????

@7 - nope. I suggested it looks tacky to drink while wearing a Native American war bonnet
@4 it was always OK to wear a tuxedo on your shirt.
Just to clarify, what she is wearing is not a war bonnet, but a tacky mimickry of a headdress, most likely made in China. Headdresses are highly symbolic in Native cultures, made by and for those who, in the eyes of their people, had earned the right, and they are accorded a great deal of respect. To wear this plastic imitation garbage while getting wasted at some music festival is disgusting racist bullshit.

And yes, she looks like a complete asshole. "But I'm 1/4 such and such!" Yes, asshole, nice way to rep your culture - getting drunk while wearing a bad imitation of something symbolic and important that you obviously didn't earn or deserve. Fuck off yourself.
Just to connect these two posts, some genius at Honda cars thought headdresses were a great branding idea: http://bit.ly/KpNt23
Josh Bis called it first: http://bit.ly/KlsJZ4
Hey Stranger, why is the appropriation picture up on the front page of Slog marketing your Line Out coverage?
@13 I would assume that this is the stranger's way of pointing out that festival culture=corporate/consumer culture.

This thread is an interesting insight into the murky nature of race. What makes us identify Obama as a black man when he is just as white as he is black? how much native blood does one need in order to get away with something that would be considered equivalent to a minstrel show if done by a non native? These lines are very blurry. our collective perception of race is what gives it al its power; from a scientific standpoint it is as arbitrary as the lines on a map.

Is this girl 1/4 Sioux? I don't really give a shit. The image of this person is offensive to me, with or without knowing her racial breakdown, because it is one of a million examples of a mega corporation appropriating the culture of a severely marginalized group in order to make advertising props. the idea that kids are going to sasquatch to wile out and get fucked up and honda thought these head dresses would make the perfect party favors is insensitive and reflective of how dominant culture perceives native americans.

this seems appropriate: http://jezebel.com/5905291/a-complete-gu…
@5 So your 3/4 of a buffoonish asshole.
Honestly the whole discussion on these headdresses is ridiculous. It's a festival, the point is to have fun. She's having fun!!!! And possibly showing her native pride!! Get over it people.. There's bigger fish to fry than how people get down and stand out at festivals. I saw people wearing bindis, is that an insult to Indians? What about horse masks? Or how about girls with booty shorts and there little cheekeys hanging out? What's really offensive at festivals isn't the people dressing up and having fun, it's the a-holes running highly intoxicated puking all over and especially people (mainly white people) judging others for rocking out in a headdress that quite honestly they probably didn't purchase from some company as a form of merchandise rep but made them craft selves & want to show off. Quit hating and go enjoy your life instead of judge others. FYI, I am native.