Sasquatch Monday Photos: Beck & Spiritualized


saw beck in bend sunday and it was awesome. he's got the old band back together and he seems to be getting back to beck basics. if you left early you're either not a beck fan or a dumbass.
A little of both, I guess.
This tour has way more to it musically than anything he's done since the early 2000s because the best band he ever had is back together, way more solos, way more long jammy-breakdowns, way more guitar-badassery, way energy and musical chemistry.

He also started the encore by playing "Muthafucka", an ancient "metal" joke song from the early 90s with Tenacious D. His kid son (six of seven years old?) then came on stage to dance with the D and sing along on E-Pro to close it out. It was incredible; so yeah, you messed up, bad.
Dudes! Thanks for recapping the finale.

Wish I had the endurance to stay, but I'm taking a merit badge for staying long after most of the crowd had hit the road AND missing Spiritualized for this. But you're right that I still feel a little guilty about it.
Oh! That hill! I came to see Spiritualized, but would have loved to see Beck if it weren't for that cursed hill! Best shots of Jason Pierce I've seen, btw.