The Sudden Demise of Titanium Sporkestra: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


As an ex-Spork, really tough to say, I appreciate this note and its diplomacy. We all loved this band and fought hard for what we got, and I'm very sorry things happened as they did. I wish everyone the best, am excited for everyone's future projects, and I just know every Spork is an in-born performer who will make it big. Good luck, friends!
The thought of no Titanium Sporkestra in this world makes me sad. I hope everyone involved finds fertile ground for their talent and creativity wherever they end up. And it's my experience that when a vacuum is created in any community, something soon comes along to fill it. I just hope it's something at least as good.
My few experiences as a Spork are some of the richest memories I have as a musician. Thanks ladies and gentlemen for the amazing experiences and for making Seattle a better place to live. I'll always think of the mighty Spork anytime I hear "Jump In The Line," "Ring of Fire," or "California Über Alles." Seey'all in the funny papers (like this one!)
I've been a fan of, and employer of, the Sporkestra since they were just an insanely amazing drumline. I have friends who are Sporks, were Sporks, and wanted to be Sporks. And whenever they performed for an international community (like at Burning Man) I swelled with pride that they hailed from Seattle.

Since we can't go back, I simply look forward to whatever these individuals come up with next. My best wishes to all.
I was in this band.

Band "leadership" drove me a bit nuts.
I found Kevin/"Cevin" as or more challenging than David.

The whole Burning Man worship thing drove me a bit nuts.

A band this big with this many eccentric people/personalities is hard for anyone to mange.
"Managing" a trio or quartet is hard enough.
As we are a nation of adult infants (of which the Stranger is an endless example).

Hopefully good things will bloom from this decomposition.
The Emerald City has lost a little of its sparkle. i always got a kick out of seeing the Sporks play. hopefully a new band or two will rise from the ashes.
Thank you, Titanium Sporkestra for giving me some of the best moments of my life. Seriously. It was totally worth the DUI.
Up to 70 performances a year with that big of a lineup? That's fucking impressive, guys. Congratulations, TS, on a great run, and good luck with whatever you all do next.
HAIL SATAN!! Love, Megatron AKA Major Rabble Rouser
HAIL SATAN! Love, Megatron AKA Major Rabble Rouser
SO SAD to be losing Sporkestra. Lots of fun to see and hear, even more fun to jam with. Thanks for all of your music, your work on behalf of the Honk family, and for your ass-kicking attitude. Good luck in the rest of your endeavors!
Being in a band with a couple members can be very difficult and trying, so I can only imagine how complicated it is to get consensus from such a large crew. What a great run for Sporkestra though, cheers to everyone, I'm sure some awesome new projects will come from this.
Also, way to only recognize us posthumously, The Stranger.