I'm sure most of y'all with the slightest ear to the web has already heard former Fleetwood Mac's guitarist, Bob Welch, has passed away. Sadly, it was not from natural causes, rather it was by his own hand. He was only 65.

I'd reckon you could say Welch was something of a rock legend via his involvement with Fleetwood Mac. He was one of the group's guitar players as they shifted from a strict British Blues outfit to a more radio friendly version of '70s rock. You can hear him playing on the clutch of albums perhaps now kinda forgotten, Future Games, Bare Trees, Penguin, Mystery To Me, and Heros Are Hard To Find. I say forgotten as they were all issued in the four years prior to the Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joining. Uh...like THAT is the SUPERSTAR Fleetwood Mac most everyone is familiar with...Rumors and Fleetwood Mac. After he split from the Mac he had some solo success with "Sentimental Lady" along with a handful of later singles, but he couldn't maintain hits and slipped into semi-obscurity in the '80s.

While I like the records he made with the Mac, I know Welch best as guitarst in the Seven Souls, a multi-racial, group soul, group. Their "I Still Love You," from 1967, still remains a stand out track from a label, Okeh, which was PACKED with stand out jams. "I Still Love You" credits Welch as writer.

It's flip, "I'm No Stranger," is equally bad ass. Uh-huh, that is two sides of solid sophistication, so much so if Welch had quit THEN, in 1967, this single would still carry his weight as legend.