The selfish side of me really doesn't want to make this post. The selfish side of me wants as few people as possible to know about tomorrow's pre-sale for Refused tickets because the selfish side of me wants all the Refused tickets to myself. THEY'RE MINE, ALL MINE.

But the blogger side of me is all "Oh, shut up, selfish side, the people have a right to know. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO TELL THEM." Then the blogger side of me started laughing because I said the word duty, which sounds like doodie, which is another word for poop. My blogger side has the sense of humor of an eight-year-old boy.


Just so you know, there is a pre-sale for Refused tickets starting tomorrow (Thursday, 6/13) at 10 am. Go here and use pre-sale code "stg" and then buy your tickets and do a victory dance.

You're welcome. (Now set an alarm on your phone or computer or something so you don't forget! This shit is going to sell the fuck out.)