Cassette Tapes For Only $3.33?!?


Are record labels still actively issuing music on cassettes? I would think that they were obsolete since portability was the only real reason to buy them. (That, and the fact that they were way cheaper than CD's. Oh, to be back in 1991...)
there a quite a few labels that do exclusively tapes. if memory serves, GGZLA was commissioned to put out all of Hardly Art's (subsidiary of SubPop) releases on cassette a while back. however if you're asking whether or not bigger record labels actively issue tapes, I doubt it.

what's funny is a lot of distributors from 20 years ago will liquidate their stock every once and a while and you can find pretty great cassesttes from back in the day at used record stores, still cellophane-wrapped.
*there are quite a few. dammit.