Gosh, it's been a while since I rustled up a fresh "When Squares Throw Down" post. If anyone is keeping up, so far I sussed out sweet jams from Paul Anka, Gene Pitney, and Mel Torme.'

Today our featured square is Tennessee Ernie Ford. Lordy, if he ain't one MAJOR SQUARE. Ford was a '50s country singer with MAJOR pop appeal. If you don't regularly talk to anyone in their sixties, or older, about how great music was when they were a kid, I'd reckon he's perhaps remembered for his hit version of Merle Travis' "Sixteen Tons." Well, turns out, in 1965, Ford recorded a beat or "go-go" version.

It has a bit of a James Bond theme feel, the guitars and syncopation is cool, like, I guess it's okay. It moves along, sure. But...still...it's fucking Tennessee Ernie Ford!?! I'm almost sure he was the one holding the shotgun that shot down the Easy Rider anti-heros. Ugh. Anyways, this version has recently been getting spins in the UK and in Euro, and then, yesterday, I watched a copy sell via a set sale, in seconds of being offered, for £55!! Like, that's 85 BUCKS!! Yuh-huh...for a fucking Tennessee Ernie Ford record. If it keeps getting plays within six months it'll reach $200, easy. I've never even THOUGHT to suss out any TEF record. GODAMN..some folks have more money than taste.