Julien Temple, director of Absolute Beginners, The Filth & The Fury, and, in 2006, the definitive account of the Glastonbury Festival, has re-tackled the latter subject matter.

For the new and quite remarkable documentary Glastonbury After Hours, however, Temple zeroes in on the celebratory alternate reality that is the all-night grounds of the festival.

The BBC writes:

In fields known as Shangri-La, Arcadia, the Unfair Ground, Strummerville, Block 9, and the Common, every year an unlikely attempt at utopia takes shape. Here, the festival reconnects with its radical, countercultural origins combining underground music, performance art, and some of the funniest and most provocative sights of the festival with a dark, urgent 21st century spontaneity.

Filmed at the 2011 festival, this 75 minute documentary features Michael Eavis, the creators of, and visitors to the true heart of the Glastonbury, and, fuelled by the music of tomorrow, explores the hopes, dreams, and personal utopias of those who, for one weekend in June, come together as the tribes of 21st Century Albion.

Watch and/or get depressed about how our country can still only embarrass itself in comparison.