A few months back, we reported on the Robin Pecknold approved mysterious LP entitled To My Long Lost Love, released by an anonymous Portland musician. That record is a lush exorcism of rejected love that is as uplifting as it is sad, and has been on regular rotation in my household.


Two days ago, a box appeared on my doorstep. It resembled a small pizza container and inside was the newest LP, called Down at the Roller Rink, from the same anonymous Portland musician. The record was packed in the pizza box with only two plastic shopping bags as protection and an incorrect street address. I'm eternally grateful that the package somehow found me, because Down at the Roller Rink is even better than To My Long Lost Love.

This record seems to find the composer getting past the heartbreak of last year, but still in occasional despondent minor chord moods. The music is lo-fi at times, overblown without the distortion, but always with an obvious tangle with pop music. These songs would be a welcome addition to Sunday mornings, dinner parties, or tidying up around the house. It's the kind of music that leaves a lot of space in the sounds, not every part of the audible spectrum is jammed up with noise. The vinyl is a to die for red marble that's absolutely beautiful.


There's some technical information available on this Discogs page. Otherwise, I don't know how a person can get a hold of this record. The return address on the package is for the Beacon Sound record store in Portland. There's an email address on the page for the first record, so you could give that a try as well.