Since the Red Sox are in town I feel like it's appropriate to talk about this band I recently stumbled upon while working on the music calendar.

I have to confess that I made the obvious assumption that a band from Northampton, Massachusetts called Speedy Ortiz would be a reference to David Ortiz or "Papi" as Bostonians like to say. He's not quite the fastest of the bunch, hence the band name.

But after looking more into the group, I discovered that the band is named after an obscure comic book character, not the famous Red Sox designated hitter.

This group sounds as 90s as the sunflower dresses that Mayim Bialik used to wear as Blossom on her tv show. Recently the band was recorded by Paul Kolderie (Pixies and Hole), and when recording with Paul, of course you write a song titled "Taylor Swift."

If you're into them, their summer tour will make a stop in Seattle at the Funhouse with Haunted Horses, Spray Paint and Stickers on July 18th.