Jennifer Herrema (8mm footage by Sasha Eisenman)
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  • Jennifer Herrema (8mm footage by Sasha Eisenman)

According to Vice's music channel, Noisey, which posted it first, the new Black Bananas video is "based in part on real life experiences in cryptical accordance to The Patchwork Girl of Oz." Directed by Sasha Eisenman, it "follows Jennifer [Herrema] as she passes through a Super 8 painted heat-scape of boozey blues riffs and dirty western desert drifts all in one long take." Noisey also refers to Herrema as a "heroin chic poster girl," which is unfortunate. Near as I can tell, her main addictions these days are to denim, which she designs, and nicotine*, which isn't exactly the healthiest alternative, but it isn't smack, so...give it a rest, guys.

* Black Bananas' sold-out Killer Weed t-shirt also suggests a liking for the sticky green.

Below: "Foxy Playground" and the Danny Perez-directed "TV Trouble." They've also released clips for "My House" and "Overpass," but I didn't like those as much.

Reminds me of the Jim Morrison home-movie footage in When You're Strange.

Black Bananas play three dates with the Kills: Los Angeles on August 13 and 14 and New York on August 18. Rad Times Xpress IV is out now on Drag City.