RAISING THE INTELLIGENCE Everybodys got it easy but Lars Finberg.
  • Kelly O
  • RAISING THE INTELLIGENCE Everybody's got it easy but Lars Finberg.
You've been outside lately, right? How could you not? Your apartment is fucking hot. And yet 10 minutes ago, everyone was all, "Ugh, Juneuary!" "I always forget about Juneuary!" "Juneuary clouds again!" Now everyone's bursting with happiness, like stems of flowers growing bright new heads.

From the sound of it, the clouds have also cleared on The Intelligence. In the band's earliest stuff, there was an "Are you just trying to annoy me?" level of distortion wrapped around everything, a sonic weather storm worthy of Venus. But as time goes on, the fog of white noise is burning off. It's gotten to the point where frontman Lars Finberg's mom likes some of these songs. He told her, "I think there's like two songs on this you could actually listen to!" And then he played her "Techno Tuesday," the fourth track on Everybody's Got It Easy but Me and the first Intelligence song (ever) with a horn on it. Well, the first proper use of a horn—a horn that gives off that clear-skies, happy-to-be-here horn feeling. Technically, there was a horn on the song "Saint Bartolomeu," two albums ago, but it had so many effects on it, you couldn't tell it was a horn; it was just one sound among many in a hilarious and stressful cyclone.

Anyway, when Finberg's mom heard "Techno Tuesday," she said: "This is you? This is really pretty!"

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