Remember 2008, when every promo photo of every "hardcore" band featured dudes with their hoodies pulled up over their beanies, a brick wall, and harsh overhead lighting? "Fuck you, you don't get to see our eyes! WE ARE HARDCORE. We have to wear layers because it is cold, just like our souls."

This is what "melodic metalcore" band Bury Tomorrow looked like in their 2008 promotional photo. It's epitome of what all bands looked like back then; terrible lighting, photoshop's contrast filter, a brick wall. There is nothing soft or touchable about this photo because, once again, THEY ARE HARDCORE (GRRRRRRR):


My how they've grown up! Here's Bury Tomorrow's latest promotional photo, via Nuclear Blast Records. They look so pretty! Baby soft hair, warm lighting, a little glimmer of hope peeking out from over their shoulders:

  • Nuclear Blast Records

This photos says: "We're just some dudes, you know? And we play some music. And when we're done with our show we'll listen intently to you while you tell us about your day."

Except for the guy on the right, with the longer hair. You can see in his face that he still wants it to be 2008. He's crossing his arms in protest. He's pouting. "I wanted to wear my hoodie and these jerks wouldn't let me." It'll be okay, buddy.