For the constant references to all things #based, made on Line Out by myself and at least one other contributor—posts directly and entirely about Lil B, the #based movement's originator—are pretty, well, #rare. "The BasedGod's" output redefines prolific—last I checked, he's at seven mixtapes in 2012 with another on the way, and has also released almost 60 videos, an 848-track collection of old and new "based freestyles," and a fucking "classical" album called Choices and Flowers. It's hard enough for his fans and followers to keep up with the guy, let alone the rap dabblers and casual/ironic appreciators.

So as a #based act of public service to the internet, the good people at Mishka NYC and the blog Behold the Destroyer have compiled a five-album series containing 100 of Lil B's definitive songs called The Best of Lil B: Faces of the BasedGod. What makes this probably unauthorized co-opting worth a damn is the clear effort made trying to nail down Lil B's several different personas into five collections with five different themes. As Behold the Destroyer explains here, Lil B definitely "fucks with the idea of panchamukha."

Vol. 1, BasedGod the Star, showcases his goofier, meme-spawning, celebrity name-dropping (Miley Cyrus, Jerry Rice, Ellen Degeneres and Justin Bieber all are present), and "cooking" songs. Vol. 2, BasedGod Is Eternal, features his "Deep Ass Thoughts", or more ambient reflections on existence, religion, nature, and #based things often taken for granted, like car mechanics and thrift stores. Vol. 3, BasedGod Struggles, contains tales of his juvenile hustles—days of hitting licks (how do you think he got that "40 Licks" tattoo?), and feeling trapped in a hood mindstate as both human and rap artist—made into homages to the '90s New Orleans rap that probably soundtracked these times. Vol. 4, BasedGod is Gorgeous, is pure "Pretty Bitch" swag anthems about wearing pink shirts and "Tiny Pants", the kind of troll-baiting stuff that led him to call his first physical album "I'm Gay" to see how people would react.
Vol. 5, BasedGod Loves You, is all heart-on-sleeve #based positivity (other than a couple moments of honest despair — making it all the more #based), from the first "I Love You," to the last identically-titled track.

Even seasoned disciples, #basedworld residents (and those down to catch a case for the Bitch Mob) may find some good stuff here, as the comps feature plenty of one-offs, #rare collectibles and songs that were previously only available as YouTube videos. It's not perfect—I personally think some of the tracks with Soulja Boy, whom Lil B had a huge falling out with, could've been left out—but nothing truly #based is. And if you naysayers, nonbelievers and dabblers still can't find something to like out of this collection, you are either A) a truly negative person or B) soulmates with this guy. In either case, I feel sorry for you.

Get the entire Best of Lil B: Faces of the BasedGod series on Mishka NYC's Bandcamp.