I only caught a mere two songs from the band Colonies—the synth heavy pop songs were bright and charming in the dark, subterranean depths of Barboza, and I remembered that their drummer Adrian Centoni also works box office at Neumos , so I asked him a few questions:

Bradley Jones from Kent: #1 Colonies Fan
  • Bradley Jones from Kent: #1 Colonies Fan

Do you like playing shows in your workplace?
It's great! I love playing for my friends at work. Also, there is even more incentive to promote so as to impress my coworkers!

What band are you most excited to see at Block Party?

What did you eat today?
Bamboo Garden and juice.

What kind of juice?
Simply Limeade.

Excellent. Can you name the 13 original Colonies in the next minute without googling it??
Absolutely not.

Thank you, Adrian!