Do you wanna see my absolute favorite photo from the Capitol Hill Block Party? It's not even a music photo. It's a photo of someone I have never met—a fellow named Dixon Hamby. It's my favorite because it proves something I've said for years: For better or worse, COPS ARE PEOPLE TOO.

I kept thinking that the police officers who stopped to look at Derek Erdman's piece were angry with the imagery. But not all of them were—definitely not. I saw several officers laughing and taking snaps of their own. People should interact with art. And they did—especially with this one that was simply titled "You Are Under Arrest".

Kudos to Erdman, Ghost Gallery, and all of the artists. I hope CHBP will continue to showcase art. More about each and every artist HERE, and read more by Stranger art critic Jen Graves here and also here.

Why I outta... [take a picture!]
  • Kelly O
  • Why I outta... [take a picture!]

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Ha, ha, ha!
  • Kelly O
  • Ha, ha, ha!

I've always wanted the chance to pepper spray this guy! - Kelly O
  • Derek Erdman's "You Are Under Arrest" / Photo by Josh Bis
  • I've always wanted the chance to pepper spray this guy! - Kelly O

C. M. Ruiz Goodbye Horses
  • C. M. Ruiz "Goodbye Horses"


(top left) Celeste Cooning, (right)
  • "(top left) Celeste Cooning, (right) "Caves #1" by Jess Rees and Jihee Kim"


Mark Tweed
  • Mark Tweed