Is "Highway to the Danger Zone" a Serious Song?


I am gay because of Top Gun.
No one makes motivational rock anymore.
@1: Trying hard to make a "Bottom Gun" joke here. I got nothing.
We took it VERY seriously when it was theme song to the "speed skate" portion of the evening.…
Well, Bill Walsh played "This Is It" to the 49ers in the locker room of their first Superbowl and the Niners won, so that must have been a serious song.
One way to figure out if this is a "serious" song or not might be to think of a serious artist it might be plagiarizing. Like how the band America pretends to be Neil Young on a "Horse With No Name." I have been thinking about it, but due to the extended lyrical minimalism of the final minute and a half, I can only think of Neil Young's "T-Bone." (An "A T-Bone In The Danger Zone" mash up would be mashed potatoes & gravy.)
You never say hello to you until you get it on the red line overload.
Is this a serious question?

Top Gun = Best movie ever